Ruthellen Kellogg

The company I worked at for ten years was sold so any links to it don't work now. All of the websites and landing pages I built were hand-coded so I obviously have experience and understand web design. Many were built prior to working at Keepsake Quilting and are no longer online. I now work in Wordpress and other content management systems.

Web site design mockup for Keepsake Quilting. My designs were incorporated in the final site in 2014 or 2015.
Site has been changed since.
HTML5 Quilt Challenge Gallery

(no longer available)
Product page mockup for Keepsake Quilting (2014). My product page design was incorporated in the final site.
Site has been changed since.
Recreated blog design built for client around 2005
Diamond Star Baseball Camps
This was a sister company redesign, Uptown Quilter (2012).
Custom Contracting's first site
Batik art website
Keepsake Quilting Menu Design
Keepsake Quilting Account Page Component
Landing page for Stitch Red Promotion
Convergent Media Associates Web Site
Blog design for client around 2005